The Value of Poetry- Igbecha.O.C.A

The Value of Poetry- Igbecha.O.C.A
A lot of people look at poetry as one abstract
concept that is only meant for the art students
or people that are art inclined .Well that’s a lie
cause I can tell you that there are a lot of people
that are science inclined and write great pieces
of poetry. The value of poetry is one which every
one should see .Poetry started a whole lot of
years ago even in the Bible King solomon wrote
Poems and you can see that in songs of solomon
and even King David to mention a few where
among great poets in the Bible. So the big
question is why Poetry a lot of people use poetry
for a lot of reasons if you trace Nigeria’s History
to the 1920’s you will see that Nationalists used
this form of art to express their hatred for
colonialism. Also Poetry is used to uplift people a
lot of people are just looking for that special
word that can make them happy or make them
smile again and that’s where poets come in. Am
a Poet and am proud of it and am grateful to God
for his inspiration and the works I have written
so guys today and forever value poetry cause all
as they say there is power in the words..Am
making this call to all of you that’s a poet out
there or a storyteller or a writer to join me on
my campaign for change for more info

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