👑CHANGE AGENT👑
Change Agent  That’s the anthem that has been going on in my head
As each day I wake up and see the poster of our economy dead Our leaders have made our lives to be  like a stony bed
But it is the effort of one man that can make our country fly like a bird
Just the other day Our dear Country was diagnosed with so many sicknesses
With the likes of corruption,poverty,boko haram and even child trafficking businesses
I watched as my tears turned into my own swimming pool of darkness
I then asked the doctor and the doctor told me no hope for all these sicknesses

But I believe that it is the motivation,determination backed up with the right information that can save this nation
I believe that the stagnation that has plagued this country will turn into an abomination
I believe that very soon all this will be a thing of the past and we will celebrate our absolution
I believe that very soon all these diseases and suffering will all end in dehydration

Change Agent that’s the Anthem that should ring in our heads like the morning bell
Change is inevitable that’s the story we us as the agents must always tell
Change is what we need in this country so that good will cure this evil spell
Let me drop my poetic lines and let my bro tell the remaining tale!!!

In this our age,
I’m living a life of one trapped in a cage,
Like a low paid labourer begging for his own wage
A beverage I can’t even afford, not to talk of a sausage
Oh! The damage, I’m actually living in bondage.

But wait!
It’s only a short time before I begin to engage
The youths are going to come with rage
And like high voltage, we shall cause great damage
Beware! Because to you it’ll be a disadvantage
And by that time you might even need a bandage

We need change!
If you can’t perform, please get off the stage!
Look at our so called global village,
It’s turned a wreckage!
No long passages, the message is short,
If you can’t perform, disengage.

Look at the under-aged,
A large percentage of them will grow to become like us – caged.
If we don’t interchange our bad ways for good
Remember, a stitch in time saves nice, says an adage.

That’s why we need a whole new package
Let’s manage out differences and start on a new page
Even when we quarrel, we should read the gauge and calm the rage
A leverage we need so like dense “green” foliage we will be
For me, for you, for us all, an advantage it will be

Like in marriage, we should be united and stand with courage,
To the world, I tell you, it will be a major breakthrough,
Again my message is very, very simple
All I want is for you to be an agent of change.

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