If you haven’t heard, you’re living in the past; if your dictionary doesn’t have “our definition” then you need a change! We’re the newest, craziest, weirdest and thebaddest guys in town! We’re no ordinary people, we’re #BookBankers.

Want to know how we turn things around right? Hold on, hold your breath; I need to share a secret with you. (The chief #BookBanker must not find out about this). If you save here, you stand to earn yourself benefits worth more than the latest trending stuff in town! Yeah, that’s right. Here’s how it works.

It all started with a group of teenagers with a very simple idea: donating textbooks to people. Over time, the team grew bigger with the best of the best brains working around the clock and thinking miles away into space that finally birthed the foundation. They are, in no particular order: Saeed Malami, Oreoluwa Ejikeme, Tawheeda Umar, Emmanuel Erakhifu, Azzema Shu’aib, Daniel Fagbuyi, Raihanat Muhammed, Azeezah Ibraheem, Salamatu Yaro, Faith Abang, Celine Aju and a few more spots to be given out to dedicated, committed individuals. The aim: to add value to education by the constant recycling of knowledge to breed innovation.

I’m sure you can feel the heat already. Now here’s what is to be done.

First of all, participate in the ongoing campaign by tweeting and updating your status on all social media platforms using the hasgtag: I am a #BookBanker. We’re ready to take down the internet! Don’t be a loser, throw in your voice now! It’s on already. See?






Next, convince individuals, publishers and schools to donate their used textbooks to the foundation as soon as possible. You should partake in this too. We will then channel these books to those in need of them in several parts of Nigeria. For a list of out hotspots where you can donate your books, contact us on Twitter: @thebookbankng, Facebook: The Book Bank Foundation Nigeria, or use the comment box below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. To show how serious we are about this, we don’t mind picking up the books ourselves! Just do one thing, contact us!

Lastly, we plan to reward dedicated individuals by giving out free slots to join the team. A few benefits out of the numerous juicy ones are:

You stand a chance to be invited by the United Nations as we are contributing our own quota towards achieving the fourth SDG which is “ensuring inclusive and equitable education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”. You know what you stand to gain by this alone right?You stand a chance to make the list of the world’s most influential citizens thereby making the achievement of your own personal goals faster and easier. Get in touch with the world’s most influential leaders in several walks of life through our wide network of high-profiled individuals you can’t even imagine.By participating, you’re already taking that right step towards securing the education of your generation, your future and the future of others thereby making the world a better place for us and for those yet unborn.

Most importantly, we need volunteers FAST as this involves a great deal of work and therefore would need as many hands as possible to make this work at an efficient rate and ultimately give back to the society. Volunteers and interested individuals, NGOs and other agencies should contact us ASAP.

Don’t forget to join the campaign! Hashtag: I am a #BookBanker

We are the #BookBankers! We’re here to save education!

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  1. Ahmed Zainab Oyiza says:

    This is a very interesting idea, although how do I donate the books, because I’m in zaria and the books are in abuja.


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