Merry Christmas to all lovers of Andy Poems. We want to say a big thank you for the support and the  love shown this year. And we want to say thank you by dropping a poem titled “THE REASON”. We pray that you all have a blessed Christmas… Dont eat too much o looooool
         🎄 “THE REASON” 🎄
  It was a silent night when a great event took place
It was a great night, a new chapter a new phase
His Birth was so glorious the Angels did a carol
The shepherds astonished and awed at this great roll

Born to cause a change and bridge the gap
To save man and put man on the right map
His Birth defied the laws of science He came to set all free and us in his presence

The Reason why we live and have our being
The Reason why our lives have a meaning
The Reason why for the lights and decorations
The Reason for the peace and no limitations

Its Christmas we all rejoicing and dancing
Adorned with cute clothes, sweet hymns are voicing
Enjoy the day to the fullest, enjoy the season
Give, share, smile and don’t forget the reason.

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