The Interview With Kizzy


It’s the maiden edition of the interview with Andy and on this maiden edition, we have a lover and a doer of music with hit songs after hit songs, an enthusiast of music. He is a musician like no other and exceptional, he is also a dancer with peculiarity and he is no other than Kizzy Drez. In this inspiring and fun interview find out how he started, the journey and his new deal with Think Different Entertainment and more. Enjoy!!!



Andy: It’s a pleasure having a very talented and awesome singer named kizzy Drez on this platform, for those that don’t know kizzy Drez, can you tell us about you?

Kizzy Drez: KizzyDrez is a young and upcoming music sensation. Real name’s Dawodu Omokolade Azeez. Second son of Four sons of Mr & Mrs T.O Dawodu. Full blooded Lagosian and Nigerian.

Andy: So how did you get the  name kizzy drez

Kizzy Drez: Kizzy Drez is actually a name gotten from the combination of some key factors. The letter “K” represents my first name KOLADE, “izz” represents my middle name AZEEZ. Combining those gives us “KIZZ”. I included “Y” to make the name easier for everybody to grab at once. “DREZ” came into the name just to differentiate my name from a lot of other “Izzy’s” out there. It has its own meanings too but I guess we will leave that for another day

Andy🖊:When you told your parents about you doing music, what was their response

Kizzy Drez: I did not tell them. It was more like them finding out. But it didn’t change anything, fact remained that my academics would come first regardless.

Andy: Wow,full blooded Lagosian does that mean that your environment inspired your songs or made you to start singing because Lagos is like hot spot  in Nigeria?

Kizzy Drez: I won’t necessarily say that my environment is a main factor that inspires me. Though it plays it’s part too in terms of giving inspiration but then it’s not the main inspiration source.

Andy: So master kizzy drez what’s your main inspiration source?

Kizzy Drez: Wow.
Honestly speaking I think it’d be fair to say music is a part of me. It’s within me. So the inspiration just comes very naturally. No determining factor.

Andy: That’s cool master kizzy, so for how long have you been singing

Kizzy Drez: I’ve been singing since the second I was born. My first cry as a baby was a song.

Andy: Okay what about professionally when did you start singing

Kizzy Drez: Okay… Music became a serious business for me about 2 years ago. Precisely sometime in April 2014 when I did my first studio recording.

Andy: Two years down in the game how has the acceptance been

Kizzy Drez: I must say it has really been encouraging. The acceptance has been really positive and I’m really grateful for it all

Andy : That’s great kizzy, then in 2014 you did a song and you were part of the 3plk. What happened to 3plk are you guys still singing together or you solo

Kizzy Drez: Yeah.. The real journey started with 3ple K. We did good then and we’re still doing good. 3pleK is not split yet and I don’t see us splitting, it’s just that we all have been busy with school and all. The distance really. We have songs we’ve recorded and haven’t been dropped yet and we still have more plans. So 3ple K is cool

Andy: Am sure the fans can’t wait to hear a new song from 3plk, talking about school, You are currently a student at the great Ajayi Crowther University, how do you combine music and School work

Kizzy Drez: Yeah I know right… We’d deliver what they want to hear.
Yeah, I’m schooling too and I’m trying my possible best to balance it with music and I guess it’s been good so far

Andy: Let me give you an example now, someone that has the passion to sing and has the flair and all but the person is in school and indecisive about balancing school and music, what will be your advice to that person

Kizzy Drez: One may have a passion for music yeah but then Education is paramount. So you’d just have to make it all work basically and never make the mistake of dropping school.

Andy: Nice words from kizzy Drez, You just signed a record deal with T.D.E … Do you consider this a big steeping stone to more great things

Kizzy Drez: Yeah…I just got a new deal with Think Different Empire and we are working hard to make this big. Soon the cat would be let out of the bag. This should be a great move.

Andy: Talking of making things big, you were part of the olamide’s who you epp competion and you made it to the finals, what can you say about that


Kizzy Drez with other finalists in the who you epp competition

Kizzy Drez: Wow… That really got me so excited. I did the song and never thought it would go that far but indeed it did. All thanks to God.

Andy: So we seeing kizzy drez doing a video with olamide very soon

Kizzy Drez: I hope so really…
But then God knows best

Andy: Who are your role models in 
the music industry or the people you look up to

Kizzy Drez: I listen to a lot of singers. Majorly Nigerian musicians  really. The likes of 2baba, Wande Coal, Wizkid, Davido, Eminem, Drake, Chris Brown and more. It’s basically good music only

Andy: What has been the best time in your career as a musician

Kizzy Drez: I’ve indeed had so many intriguing times but the best time is yet to be here…

Andy: Yes Bro that’s the vibe, Any words to your fans out there

Kizzy Drez: Yeah I know I may not have millions of fans yet but yet to the few of y’all that support what I do I just wanna say a very big thank you, I promise to make y’all proud someday. Believe in what ever you do and put God first in it all. Anticipate the best. God bless

Andy: Nice having you in the interview with Andy

Kizzy Drez: I feel highly honoured… God bless you Andy

You can download some of his songs here

Who you epp






You can also follow him on the following social media platforms

Instagram: Kizzy Drez
Facebook: Kizzy Drez
Twitter: Kizzy Drez

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      It is indeed an inspiring interview. Good job, Andy Poems


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