Andy Poems latest poetess who just joined the Andy Poems family releases a new poem. This new poem is titled Magic and was written by her Sunflower. Speaking on how she feels being part of the Andy Poems family she had this to say&- “I feel elated and excited that am somewhere where my dreams can come through”. Magic will be her first official work under Andy Poems.
   Read the poem and enjoy. Don’t forget to drop your comments. God bless

Filled with glee for life
Filled with hope for what’s yet to come
Filled with love for what I’ve not seen
Filled with my colourful magic
Yet it’s not seen.

Left alone to trod the lonely paths
Because they feel am inferior
Left alone to face the cold because they don’t see
The power coursing through me

They never really opened their eyes
To see it in me
To see the magic in me
And to know the magic in my heart

Yet with my hands and bleeding pen
Am going to show them the magic
Let them know I’ve got the beauty in me
Let them know I’ve got the magic in me
Let them see am a beautiful magical gift to the earth.

Andy Poems

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