It was a stressful Wednesday when I retired to my abode to rest, since it was a stressful day I didn’t have time to check or reply my whatsapp messages. I picked up my phone and saw tons of messages piled up. With a swipe I entered another country in the whatsapp continent called Status. I scrolled and I saw this beauty, I was so tired but at the sight of this beauty all form of tiredness or stress usain bolted out of my body. It was like a miracle that just happened to me. My whole being was in awe at this beautiful plate of chicken and chips. I tell you, one of the best combinations that has ever happened in the kingdom of food is Chicken and Chips. I continued viewing this status and I told myself that this will be my next food destination. I saw the price and got to know that their name is DEEP . Also, they don’t only do chicken and chips but also do hot dog, burger and more in the fries industry.

A beautiful Saturday came and I picked up my phone and did a giveaway. The giveaway was for someone to have chicken and chips with me. A question was asked on my whatsapp status and in a twinkle of an eye, my phone almost gave up the ghost with the amount of answers that bombarded it. A winner was gotten as she was the first person to answer the question. Her name is Zully and her complexion is one that should be preserved in the museum, yes she is that beautiful. Due to our busy schedule, we decided to storm Deep’s Kitchen in New Market OAU to get our chicken and chips the next week Tuesday.

Finally, Tuesday evening came and we were set like two soldiers who were just recruited to fight in world war III. An order was made through a call and we were able to set the ball rolling by anticipating the warm reception our body will give to the beautiful members of the fries industry. We got there in record time, the aroma that welcomed us from the kitchen made our nose have the sense of taste and sense of smell at the same time. I could literally taste the hot dogs, chickens and patties with my nose. With our order in our hands we left, took some beautiful selfies and in another record time, we were in our respective homes about to do justice to the plate of chicken and chips. With a bottle of teem by my right and the chicken and chips staring at me and calling my name, I quickly prayed over the food and took a picture of it as it’s my custom as a food photographer. My mouth and my tongue were both the ushers in the reception of the chicken and chips into my belly. A quick bite of the chicken and chips was heavenly, it tasted like something I have never tasted before or experienced. I kept on eating and I didn’t know when the food finished. My whole being attested to the fact that what I just ate is something that was more than the word sweet, it was extraordinary. I asked Zully through a text on whatsapp how it was and she said “made sense”. Without mincing words, Deep really made my night with their awesome chicken and chips. It’s something I will advise everyone to try.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Zully says:

    It really made sense.
    Nice one Tega

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ice says:

    One word ‘Perfect’

    Liked by 1 person

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